I can’t believe that Miss P will be here in a few short weeks! I am so excited for our family and all of the beautiful moments and chaos that the future holds. And honestly I am also excited to feel strong again! I cannot wait for the 6 week check up when I get the go ahead to start working out. Having a girl come into the picture has me thinking about how I will be the first example Miss P has of positive body image. I want to be strong and confident for her and for me. Here are my “plans” (yes I know, if you want to make God laugh…) to start feeling strong and comfortable in this body of mine again.

-Drinking copious amounts of water! I used to be really good at this in college and it has slowly become an area of weakness. I will be keeping a full water bottle at all times and drinking a glass of water before I start snacking.

-Barre3. I love this programs mixture of yoga and ballet. I also love going to the classes but because of time with two kiddos and a strict budget I’ll be using the at home videos. If it is your first time trying Barre3 I would attend a class (they frequently have specials and free classes) to get the basics down but after that I think the videos are a great alternative!

-Sign up for a 5K (Eugene’s Turkey Trot) 3 months post pregnancy and a 1/2 marathon (Eugene Women’s Half Marathon) one year post pregnancy, with other races in between. Living in Track Town U.S.A., there are a lot of fun, family friendly races available and I am really excited to get back into the running scene.

-Cut out processed sugar! This is by far the hardest part for me, and so of course it is the part that makes the biggest difference.

Summer schedules, One giant cookie, and other Musings

Summer is here!  Today the cashier at Trader Joe’s asked me if I was sick of the heat yet (I am assuming it was because of my pregnant state, because seriously we’ve had one day of 79 degree weather…) and I was so happy to answer “Nope, I am loving it!”  Summer has become a new long holiday to me as a teacher.  I still love the rain, and Fall, and Christmas time but now I completely bask in summer’s glow.  I love each low key, plastic poolside, moment of it!  Rory and I get to love on each other and drive each other crazy simultaneously.  Yesterday we went on a lot of walks and rode our bikes one lap around the high school track that took a solid hour.  Today I ate terribly and took the day to myself and it was awesome, however tomorrow involves starting potty training so…  

The Willamette Valley and Grass Seed

I live in a college town in the Willamette Valley in Oregon.  It is incredibly beautiful and green in the Spring and Summer, however many of us Oregonians suffer from nasty allergies.  And yet every year we ( I am using we because almost everyone I have talked to who also suffer agree) forget how miserable grass allergies can be.  It only makes it worse that when grass allergies are at their peak it is beautiful outside and you sit in your house watching all the carefree non-snifflers run and walk and generally feel super about life while you feel a bit like a miserable looking puppy in the pet store window.  But we suffer through, and in about three more weeks (God willing) I will once again forget how miserable I was and enjoy this beautiful place I live, sneeze free.  On a happier note…I just made the most incredible, healthy muffins!  Recipe to come…



Bad weeks

The thing about finding balance and a healthy lifestyle is, sometimes you are just going to fail, and as painful as it sometimes is to embrace failure it is always necessary.  So I am going to embrace it by documenting on this little blog how terribly I failed in the health department this week.  No planned meals, I am not sure I touched a vegetable, no exercise, allergies are killing me and I just ate three brownies (it’s scary how easily I can make excuses for sweets, “They were made with whole wheat flour.”  “I made them, know what’s in them, and therefore that stick of butter is better for me.”)  I will try again tomorrow for me and my babies.


Checking things off

The age old saying, “Live in the moment”.  I have trouble with it; it is more that sometimes I just down right disagree with it than trouble following it.  Sometimes, I think it is okay to just say to yourself “I will be so excited when this is over.”  Seriously, nothing feels more better than having a weight taken off your shoulders!  This is where I am now.  Field trip checked off, Spring program checked off, Mother’s Day projects checked off …  We are down to 2 weeks and 2 days of school and I am happy to say I will be so excited when it is over.

Crazy Days

I am planning for a field trip this week and the end of school is fast approaching!  That being said, it is even more important that I actually track my progress on this quiet little space.  Today the family went on a short walk and then I did a 30 minute Barre 3 video, but Sunday I skipped out on any extra physical activity (just the weekly grocery shopping, picking up, running after a 30 month old while 26 weeks pregnant).  I am feeling stronger, now I just need to avoid all the extra sugar.  It’s just not good for me or Miss P.

Focal Point

I keep starting this blog and then erasing everything I have ever posted because either a.) it’s too personal and I am just not comfortable with that yet, or b.) there is no consistency or flow to the blog posts and it drives me crazy. So, now that I am pregnant with baby number 2 I have decided to use this blog to keep myself accountable and document my life goal of living a healthy but balanced everyday. It’s sunny out (I might be sneezing like crazy) but Rory and I made it out for a nice walk with our matching sunnies and then I was able to do a complete 30 minutes of Barre 3 at home! I am also trying to drink more water today for myself and Miss P, but I also made a brownie in a mug and devoured it so…


One day at a time!!